Monitoring your jobs

Monitor your OpenCue rendering jobs from CueGUI

This guide describes how to monitor your OpenCue jobs from the CueGUI app and configure plugins for viewing job details.

After you submit a job to OpenCue, you can monitor the progress of the individual frames and layers in the job from the CueGUI app on your workstation. CueGUI supports the following views to monitor and manage job status:

  • Cuetopia includes plugins for monitoring jobs and individual job details.
  • CueCommander includes plugins for monitoring your OpenCue system. System administrators typically run CueCommander to monitor and manage OpenCue infrastructure, such as rendering hosts.
  • Other includes plugins for viewing logs and attributes.

This guide explains how to use the Cuetopia view to monitor jobs. To learn more about the features available in CueGUI, see CueGUI reference.

Before you begin

Make sure you are familiar with the steps for submitting jobs.

You also need to configure CueGUI.

Configuring CueGUI

Before you start to monitor jobs in CueGUI, complete the following steps:

  1. Start CueGUI.

    The instructions for running Cuetopia vary depending on the installation method. To learn more, see Installing CueGUI or contact your OpenCue admin.

    After CueGUI loads for the first time, you can expect to find one or more windows. The following screenshot illustrates the default Cuetopia window you run to follow this guide:

    Cuetopia default view

  2. Click Window > Raise Window: CueCommander.

    The following screenshot illustrates the default CueCommander window:

    CueCommander default view

    You don’t typically run CueCommander to monitor individual OpenCue jobs and you don’t need it to follow this guide.

  3. If it’s open, close the CueCommander window.

Monitoring jobs

To monitor a job:

  1. Enter a username or show name in the Monitor Jobs Load search field:

    Search for jobs by show name or username, or auto-load yourjobs.

    To autoload your own jobs, check the Autoload Mine box.

  2. Click Load:.

    Cuetopia displays a list of jobs in the search results.

    Monitoring the status of OpenCuejobs

  3. Double-click the name of a job to view the details of the job in the Monitor Job Details plugin.

    Cuetopia displays a list of the layers and frames associated with the job and their status. In the following example, Cuetopia is displaying the summary for a job consisting of a single layer called render, which contains 101 frames:

    Monitoring the status of individual job layers andframes

  4. Double-click a frame to view the associated logs.

    Cuetopia displays the logs for the frame in the LogView view:

    Viewing the logs associated with aframe

Un-monitoring jobs

You can unmonitor all or some of the jobs in the Monitor Jobs plugin:

Unmonitor all or some of the jobs listed in the Monitor Jobsplugin

  • To unmonitor all finished jobs, click Finished.
  • To unmonitor all jobs, click All.
  • To unmonitor all selected jobs:
    1. Select the jobs you want to unmonitor in the Monitor Jobs plugin.

    2. Click the following button:

      Unmonitor selectedjobs

What’s next?

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