OpenCue getting started guide

Guides for system admins deploying OpenCue components and installing dependencies

The guides in this section provide detailed instructions for installing OpenCue in a production environment. If you’d like to quickly try out OpenCue to evaluate the project for your needs, see the Quick starts.

OpenCue relies on a lot of components and project-specific terminology. If you’re new to OpenCue, you might find it useful to learn how some of the components work together. For more information, see the OpenCue overview and Glossary.

Setting up the database

Set up the OpenCue database

Deploying Cuebot

Deploy Cuebot to a server from source or a Docker image

Deploying RQD

Deploy RQD to all OpenCue render hosts

Checking out the source code

Check out the OpenCue source code

Installing PyCue and PyOutline

Install the OpenCue Python API and related Python library

Installing CueGUI

Install CueGUI to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot jobs

Installing CueSubmit

Install CueSubmit to submit render jobs

Installing CueAdmin

Install the CueAdmin command-line client