Checking out the source code

Check out the OpenCue source code

This guide shows you how to check out or download the OpenCue source code.

Before you begin

To check out the source code from the OpenCue Git repository, you need a copy of Git. Alternatively, you can download the source code directly from the GitHub repository in a browser.

Option 1: Cloning the repository

The OpenCue Git repository is hosted on GitHub.

To check out the repository locally, run the following git command:

git clone

If you use GitHub already and you’ve configured your SSH keys, you might prefer to check out via SSH instead:

git clone

Option 2: Downloading the source code

To download an archive ZIP file of the OpenCue Git repository:

  1. Visit the OpenCue Git repository on GitHub.
  2. Click Clone or download.
  3. Click Download ZIP.

What’s next?

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