Troubleshooting rendering

Troubleshoot common rendering problems

This page describes tools and techniques for debugging problems with your renders.

Jobs aren’t picking up

If a job isn’t picking up, the most common cause is that the job can’t locate a compatible host, so check the following:

  • The job’s facility and layer tags match the host’s allocation. A host’s allocation determines both its facility and default tags. To fix this issue, you can change the host’s allocation in CueGUI’s Monitor Host plugin.

    For more detail on the terms facility, layer, allocation, and how they relate to each other, see the Glossary.

  • The hosts satisfy the job’s minimum resource requirements. You can check a job’s resource requirements in CueGUI’s Monitor Job Details plugin. If your hosts don’t satisfy the job requirements, you must change that job’s requirements or launch more powerful hosts.

Failing frames

Use CueGUI to look at the frame logs, which provides more detail on the failure.

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