Configuring limits

Configure limits to set max number of concurrently running frames

This page describes how to configure limits which allow users to specify the maximum number of concurrently running frames associated with that limit. Limits are specified on the Job Layer and all Frames within that Layer are considered to take 1 limit count. After the total limit count reaches the configured max value, the dispatcher will stop any additional frames from running until a frame with that limit has completed.

Configuring a new limit

You can set a new limit by following these steps:

  1. Open CueGUI.

  2. Load Limits view from the Views/Plugins->Cuecommander menu.

  3. Click Add Limit button in the Limits view.

  4. Enter a name for the new limit and press OK.

  5. Right-click on the newly created limit and select Edit Max Value.

  6. Enter the desired maximum number of concurrenstly running frames for this limit.

  7. Your limit is now configured and ready for use. New submissions will be able select this limit in CueSubmit UI when creating a new job.

What’s next?