Announcing the release of OpenCue v0.2.119

OpenCue v0.2.119 release notes

v0.2.119 of OpenCue introduces a new Limits functionality that allows users to specify the maximum number of concurrently running frames associated with that limit. This change requires a full update of your OpenCue deployment and you must run the database migrations to update an existing database. For more information see OpenCue Limits functionality.

To learn how to install and configure OpenCue, see Getting started.

  • Added unit tests for in #490.
  • Made sure all CueGUI columns have valid sort functions in #484.
  • Double clicking layer in CueGUI now filters the frames view in #483.
  • Added a samples directory in #471.
  • Left alignment no longer changes on selection in CueGUI in #482.
  • Updated sandbox client packages install script in #468.
  • Added unit tests for RqMachine in #466.
  • Added basic limits functionality in #414.
  • Fixed createFrameByFrameDependency grpc method in #454.
  • Updated QThreads to shutdown on application close in #450.
  • Removed unnecessary exec_ that was causing crash in #452.
  • Cleaned up wrapper methods so that no protobuf objects are passed or returned in #449.
  • Fixed for Layer.getFrames in #447.
  • Added FrameAttendantThread unit tests in #441.
  • Cleaned up the Enhancement template in #443.
  • Added the getChunk method to FrameSet and substituted its result into commands in #367.
  • Added more RqCore unit tests in #439.
  • Fixed spelling of the getRecentPgoutRate method call in #434.
  • Updated RQD lock and unlock behavior in #435.
  • Updated Sandbox instructions and added a script to install client packages in #432.
  • Fixed create new service bug in #417.
  • Updated setMinCores to pass a percentage value where 100 = 1 core #423.
  • Added a docker-compose sandbox environment in #427.
  • Made sure log path is not empty when poping up log view #415.
  • Added tests for FrameMonitorTree in #412.
  • Added an initial round of RqCore tests in #411.
  • Added more MenuActions tests in #410.
  • Added tests for JobActions and LayerActions in #407.
  • Updated to start bash before RQD to prevent zombie processes from being PID 1 in #408.
  • Fixed find and get methods to raise EntityNotFoundException in PyCue #406.
  • Wired up Python component test coverage in #404.
  • Wired up Cuebot test coverage in #403.
  • Added initial pipeline for SonarCloud scan in #397.
  • Removed unnecessary conversion step when editing subscription size and burst size in #400.
  • Added enums to appropriate wrappers in #389.
  • Removed obsolete build/release script in #388.