Announcing the release of OpenCue v0.1.91

OpenCue v0.1.91 release notes

v0.1.91 of OpenCue includes the following changes and updates:

  • Cuebot writes warn and error messages to stdout #191.
  • Fixed submitting dependent jobs from PyOutline #192.
  • CueSubmit dialog is now resizable and scrollable #205.
  • Server error messages are now sent to clients making API requests #59.
  • Added support for indexing on FrameSet objects #200.
  • Updated CueGUI settings file path and default settings file #212.
  • Updated validators on CueSubmit #199.
  • Fixed filtering on CueGUI monitor frame #203.
  • Added support to allow periods in the validators for CueSubmit #216.
  • You can now configure the root log directory #180.