Announcing the release of OpenCue v0.4.95

OpenCue v0.4.95 release notes

v0.4.95 of OpenCue includes the following changes and updates:

  • Update hostname resolution code to support Windows. #739
  • Maintain CueJobMonitorTree selection after update. #780
  • Fixes to Redirect GUI. #783
  • Make job archive cutoff a config setting. #777
  • Fix JobMonitorTree middle-click copy. #782
  • Make tree headers movable and save user ordering. #822
  • Fixed bug which caused filter ordering to change. #820
  • Added missing dropDepends method to the Python API. #819
  • Add setCheckpointState method to the Python API. #817
  • Avoid calling time.time() for every row when sorting TreeWidgets. #814
  • Fix bug in dropEvent which was improperly calling reparentGroupIds. #813
  • Fix window icon path and update icon. #812
  • Replace simplejson dependency with standard json library. #823
  • Enable -Werror for main and test code. #827
  • Add progressbar to layers panel. #829