Announcing the release of OpenCue v0.3.33

OpenCue v0.3.33 release notes

This release includes alpha-level support for Windows jobs and hosts. More information on Windows support has been posted to the opencue-user mailing list.

v0.3.33 of OpenCue includes the following changes and updates:

  • Add Python 3 support to RQD in #573.
  • Add RQD Windows support in #604.
  • Stop qtimer wrong thread segfault in #598.
  • Stop and delete timer objects when attempting to close a window in #596.
  • Add #OFRAME# (outframe) to DispatchSupportService to support chunks in #597.
  • Set job back to pending in case of retry in #517.
  • Upgrade setuptools in RQD docker in #615.
  • Add dummy label to CueSubmit when there are no shows to solve in #600.
  • Fix the permission check to include GID and UID in #599.
  • Add retries to RQD gRPC startup in #584.
  • Update Cuebot service definition to match new command line flags in #581.
  • Allow CueGUI to create subscriptions larger than 50,000 in #576.