Announcing the release of OpenCue v0.2.145

OpenCue v0.2.145 release notes

v0.2.145 of OpenCue includes the following changes and updates:

  • Reorganized packaging pipeline and locked image versions in #542.
  • Updated CueGUI unit tests to run with Python 3 in its Dockerfile in #538.
  • Added support to copy attributes when selected in #525.
  • Added a connection exception and retries to the PyCue gRPC decorator in #536.
  • Fixed a drag and drop in the CueGUI job monitor in #512.
  • Added extra show filter options to MonitorCue in #527.
  • Fixed retry all dead frames on a layer in #514.
  • Added Cuebot and RQD Systemd service scripts in #504.
  • Added wrapper function for chunk size on layer in #520.
  • Added a double click to proc view in #516.
  • Fixed a comment dropdown for PySide 2 in #508.
  • Fixed incorrect function calls #510.
  • Fixed the Blender argument ordering - current ordering caused output path to be overwritten - order matters for Blender in #502.
  • Fixed layer dependency creation API typos #498.
  • Fixed a couple syntax bugs with the Oracle queries in #499.
  • Added a sample Dockerfile for Blender 2.79 on RQD #496.
  • Added an exception when search args are not passed the correct type in #489.