Announcing the release of OpenCue 0.1.107

OpenCue v0.1.107 release notes

v0.1.107 of OpenCue includes the following changes and updates:

  • Pull request #226 - Renamed PyOutline wrappers to follow OpenCue naming convention.
  • Issue #248 - You can now configure the location of log directories by setting the CUE_FRAME_LOG_DIR environment variable on a Cuebot instance.
  • Issue #237 - Adds support to reuse exsiting gRPC connections between Cuebot and RQD.
  • Issue #246 - Pycuerun no longer errors after submitting a job and prints submitted job IDs.
  • Issue #176 - Docs now include system requirements for RQD and Cuebot.
  • Issue #229 - You can now configure Pycue to randomly distribute loads across multiple Cuebot nodes.
  • Issue #227 - Fixes for CueGui monitor cue view.