Announcing the release of OpenCue v0.2.0

OpenCue v0.2.0 release notes

Make sure you update PyCue, CueGUI, and Cuebot, as there are API changes that aren’t compatible with older versions.

v0.2.0 of OpenCue includes the following changes and updates:

  • Issue #256 - Creates a CueSubmit config file, where you can specify values from
  • Pull Request #261 - Update demo data to increase the default size limits on subscriptions and testing show.
  • Issue #252 Expose Cuebot dispatcher settings in and disable the job lock by default, which dramatically speeds up the speed of the dispatcher.
  • Issue #262 Update the styling of CueGUI on Linux operating systems.
  • Issue #251 Increase the max gRPC message size to 100MB and update getJobWhiteboard to only return references to jobs.
  • Issue #266 Cuebot: Use root locale when formatting number strings.